The Best Dive Computers

If you’re looking for an entirely new dive computer, this article is for you. Because your computer is such an essential piece of safety equipment, it’s most likely one of the initial equipment purchases you’ll make. As well as, it’s without uncertainty among the most crucial. The best dive computer systems are durable, dependable, as well as loaded with scuba diver-friendly features. Plus, they supply all the essential functions you need and none of the bells and whistles you don’t. Not exactly sure where to start? No fears!

Whether you prefer a console, wrist, or watch design computer system, there’s a design that’s best for you. In this write-up, we’ll stroll you via the best alternatives readily available for scuba divers of all spending plans and also skill degrees, handpicked by our diving professionals at Adventurism. We’ll also set out all the features and factors to consider to keep in mind for carefree purchasing.




  • Easy to check out the display screen to show all necessary data
  • Adjustable RGBM formula
  • Three different drive modes (Air, Nitrox, and also Gauge)
  • Easy link to a computer.
  • Straightforward navigating with solitary button interface
  • Even while wearing thick gloves, it’s simple to operate.


  • No integrated compass.
  • It was missing an air combination.
  • Too large to make use of, like a wristwatch.


  • Some divers say that the Mares Puck Pro was named for its “hockey puck” look. As well as, this version indeed isn’t specifically trendy. However, it’s one of the very best budget computer systems on the market, and tough sufficient to last for years to come. This computer uses three fundamental operating modes, easy-to-navigate menus, and a large screen, making it an excellent choice for new scuba divers.



  • Easy navigating through 4 different buttons
  • Suunto’s proven RGBM algorithm.
  • Four different dive modes (Air, Nitrox, Freediving, as well as Gauge)
  • Can link to the PC/Mac via a USB connection.
  • An excellent entry-level product that provides all required capability


  • No compass.
  • No air assimilation to check the oxygen in the tank.
  • Not a wristwatch.


  • The Suunto Zoop has been a leading choice among newbie divers for years, as well as its recently upgraded Novo version is no exception. This is one of the most basic models on the marketplace, with four user-friendly operating settings. The large, easy-to-read display screen and user-friendly menus make this dive computer perfect for newbies and scuba divers that put on prescription lenses.
  • The Zoop Novo offers an extremely conservative predetermined dive account, so a lot more knowledgeable divers may feel a little bit limited underwater. However, this added safety function is optimal for freshly licensed divers and pupils. If you’re tough on your equipment, keep in mind. This model has an incredibly tough outside, a user-replaceable battery, and a dry solid match compatible wrist strap.



  • Super-simple one-button navigating and also a selection
  • Cressi’s own RGBM algorithm.
  • Safety and security variable setups include general security when diving.
  • Multiple modes (Air, Nitrox, and also Gauge)
  • Conveniently connects to your computer (computer or Mac).
  • A tangible item that is dependable and also flexible.
  • It can be completely reset after each dive– making it perfect for dive shops.


  • No compass.
  • The backlight is not solid.
  • No air integration.


  • If you’re trying to find a dive computer system that does whatever you need as well as absolutely nothing you do not, the Cressi Leonardo could be your best option. This affordable version uses a single switch for all its food selections and setups, making it incredibly very easy to navigate. Its inconspicuous style fits more like a watch than a diving computer, so it’s more trendy than various other choices in its course. And also, it’s simple to reset in between uses, so it’s a preferred model for shop rental equipment and divers who share equipment. Remember that Leonardo’s smaller-sized face and reduced wristband make it most acceptable for cozy water utilization only.



  • A compact and light style that makes it easy to use and put on also when made use of as a daily watch.
  • Multiple settings (Free Dive, Air, Nitrox, and also Gauge)
  • Optional cordless transmitter to measure container pressure and display screen staying air time on the display.
  • Simple four switch use with clear as well as backlit dot matrix display screen.
  • When used with, the Uno is incredibly simple to connect to a computer and offers significant upload and logging capabilities.
  • Safe and trusted RGBM formula.
  • Easy adjustment of the band to ensure a tight as well as a secure fit.


  • No digital compass.
  • Hard to make use of when thick gloves are worn.
  • The battery needs to be changed in a Suunto service center.


  • Dollar for a buck, the Suunto D4i Novo is just one of the most effective values on the market. It features more operating modes than completing designs, gas mixing, easy-to-customize diver accounts, alarm systems, and all this diver-friendly information is packed into a tiny watch style.
  • It must be noted that this computer system isn’t an excellent suitable for newbies. Its four-button design and more complicated food selections make it a far better fit for intermediate to sophisticated divers. The D4i Novo is also among the much more elegant alternatives available, with many colors and brands to pick from. Plus, it doubles as a watch for daily wear, so it’s a popular option amongst functioning dive specialists.



  • It increased dive profile memory.
  • High-pressure quick detach.
  • Compass housing in the console.
  • Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes
  • Big, simple to read numbers.


  • Bulky real estate.
  • They have complicated food selection settings.


  • These days, an increasing number of motorists are switching to the wrist and watch-style dive computers. Yet, gaming consoles are an outstanding option for new scuba divers, as well as they don’t have to be enormous! The Sherwood Vision loads all the typical scale features and dives the computer system right into a highly portable housing. This computer system keeps track of air consumption in addition to depth and can sustain a gas mix of approximately 100% oxygen. So, it’s excellently suitable for advanced divers and those who intend to dive with a second computer for redundancy. The Vision also utilizes a fast separate tube, so the console is easy to eliminate and store or pack.



  • Features and underwater menu to allow setting changes undersea, in-depth graphs reveal approximated tissue saturation, lengthy battery life, as well as ease to use.


  • Large size, the LCD screen can be hard to review in straight sunshine.


  • The first thing you’ll discover about the Mares Quad is its dimension. And, while it’s accurate that this is hardly the most stylish model on the marketplace, its supersized screen is a significant perk. This computer system is a superb option for scuba divers that wear prescription lenses or battle to check out tiny screens. As well as, it’s full of functions for intermediate and sophisticated divers. The Mares Quad allows you to switch gasses throughout a dive and can support an oxygen blend of as much as 99%. Plus, it’s simple to reset in between dives fully, so it’s an excellent option for rental devices or divers who share equipment.



  • Lightweight wrist mount with the extended band.
  • Simple, easy-to-read food selection navigating.
  • Automatic altitude detection.
  • User-changeable battery with information retention.
  • Unrestricted switching between Dive and Free settings


  • Different cord needed for downloading.
  • No backlighting on the LED display screen


  • If you’re an active diver or avid vacationer, you’ll want a computer that is lightweight as well as portable. The Aqua Lung i450T incorporates all the attributes you require right into a tiny package. And also, it’s tough sufficient to withstand the abuse of air travel and several dives per day. This design supports a cordless air combination using a Bluetooth transmitter and allows you to change between three various gasses per dive. So, it’s excellent for technical applications. The i450T also features a user-changeable battery, so you’ll never have to search for a solution facility during your dive vacation. And also, this design uses an extra freediving mode for snorkeling and apnea lovers.



  • Clear Colour Display.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • Share your dives through the brand-new Suunto app for your smartphone.
  • Able to get your phone messages (texting).


  • No alternative for Trimix usage.
  • Criterion Mineral glass and not Gorilla or Saphire
  • No touch screen.
  • No extension strap consisted of.


  • If you’re operating in the water or want a dive computer system that’s up to the challenge of day-to-day use, the D5 is a great choice. This brand-new model has all the functions of similar Suunto styles, plus a few shocks! A rechargeable battery makes this computer system suitable for divers in remote regions. And also allows you to establish alarm systems to vibrate instead of chime for a more calm undersea experience. Various other rewards consist of cordless sync to your smart device, optional air integration, and the ability to communicate in 18 languages. The D5 likewise doubles as a wristwatch as well as includes an adjustable band for fashion-minded divers.



  • The full-color TFT screen is easy-to-read as well as energy-efficient.
  • Exact real-time dive account change that considers heart rate, breathing price, skin temperature level, and also water temperature
  • The switches can be oriented upwards or downwards, depending on your preference.
  • A lot of innovative diving capability for technical scuba divers consisting of CCR as well as side-mount
  • The user-replaceable CR2450 battery is commonly readily available as well as rechargeable.


  • Cost.
  • LogTRAK software application could be a lot more user-friendly.


  • ScubaPro’s most recent design in the Galileo line, the G2, is their most impressive dive computer yet. Though it will not win any factors for design, this easy-to-read and also use option comes loaded with features for leisure and technological diving. The G2 allows cordless air integration for up to nine different containers, with color codes (red, yellow, and environment-friendly) to show air levels; it includes settings for the rebreather, side-mount, and also Trimix divers, as well as freediving. Despite having all that going on, this version’s full-color screen and three-button layout make it a wind-to-use undersea. And also, its custom menus permit you to view as much or little detail as you want throughout your dives.



  • Durable battery life.
  • Multifunctional smartwatch.
  • Quickly customizable features.
  • Quickly illuminate the screen.
  • Compatible throughout platforms, including Android, iOS, as well as Windows


  • Comparatively costly.
  • No air assimilation.
  • Slim display dimension.


  • This Garmin Descent Mk1 has more features than any other design, packed right into a design trendy enough for daily wear. So, it conveniently asserts its title as the top of the line. This computer includes modes for numerous sports (swim, bike, hike, and extra), checks your heart rate, can sustain as much as six gas mixes consisting of Trimix, and uses modern GPS technology to track your place over and below water. The Mk1 also consists of a rechargeable battery and a billing station, so you’ll never need to discover a solution center throughout your dive vacation. This computer’s full-color display is incredibly very easy to read and enables you to present a photo background. And also, it syncs to your mobile phone to make logging dives a wind.



Are you Nitrox licensed or preparing to finish your specialized training course? Much more scuba divers than ever before are using higher blends of oxygen (O2) to improve their efficiency underwater and fight fatigue after diving. If you’re interested in taking on these brand-new challenges, you’ll require a computer that can manage numerous gas blends. For a lot of recreational divers, two gasses with a maximum of 50% O2 is plenty. Yet, technological divers will desire a model that can take care of six to eight gasses and as much as 100% O2 and Trimix.


Most entry-level computer systems utilize a black and white LCD or ELD backlit screen. These display screens make use of bold, easy to review numbers, making them simple to read in reduced light and direct sunlight. Most backlit screens use phosphor-luminescent modern technology to brighten and maintain a radiance after shining a dive torch on them. So, even if your backlight stops working, you’ll have the ability to read your display.

Complete color displays are getting in popularity thanks to their visual charm and ability to show fantastic information. However, these screen types are more fragile and complex to check out in bright light and direct sunlight. If you’re brand-new to diving, you’ll be happier with a different fundamental design.


Freshly accredited divers need to choose a computer system with a couple of switches as feasible. While there are a lot of high-quality versions that come with four or even more, newbies might find that many buttons perplexing as well as awkward underwater. A more standard layout will undoubtedly be much easier to browse and won’t leave you feeling irritated mid-dive. This factor to consider is lesser for advanced scuba divers or those who are currently comfortable using a much more innovative computer.


A lot of beginning dive computers include basic settings like air, Nitrox, and scale (monitors your deepness and bottom time without determining your no-decompression limitations). Intermediate versions might integrate choices like freediving and watch (allows your computer to double as a timepiece). And, luxury layouts will usually include advanced features like rebreather and Trimix.

If you plan to tackle difficulties like technical diving, you’ll require greater than one computer system for safety, security, and redundancy. So, it’s excellent to acquire a standard design for beginners. You’ll be more than happy to have a backup later on!


If your diving strategies include travel to exotic and remote locations, a computer system that calls for professional servicing for a reduced battery can produce anxiety. Pick a design with a rechargeable battery or one that you can alter on your own to prevent this problem.


PC, Mac, and smartphone suitable computer systems sync with your digital devices to log and prepare dives. Some basic designs use a cabled link or USB web link, while extra high-end layouts use Bluetooth innovation.



Computer systems that use cordless air integration sync to a Bluetooth transmitter mounted to your regulator’s initial stage. This external sensing unit relays storage tank pressure to the wrist-mounted display screen, where you can read it. Wireless transmitters are typically sold individually from their connected computers, so they are an additional expenditure. And also, they are fragile items of gear that require special treatment. Yet, a lot of seasoned scuba divers concur that they are well worth it!


All dive computers compute your no-decompression limitations by using solutions called formulas. Some computers enable you to customize your dive account using a more or less traditional mathematical design based upon your convenience and experience level. Even one of the most liberal diving profiles will undoubtedly keep you risk-free and diving well within your restrictions. And also, it may assist you to score a couple of additional minutes undersea.


If you’re new to diving, you will not have to fret much about deep stops. However, if you’re preparing to go deeper, your dive computer system may suggest added finishes throughout your ascent. Adding extra quits to your account’s recommended “safety and security quit” at 15 feet (5 meters) for 3 minutes offers your body more time to release the nitrogen kept in your cells. This helps prevent decompression health problems and injury and gives a more secure grip on the surface area. Some dive computer systems permit you to add or eliminate these quits, leading to a more or less conventional dive account.

RESIDUAL NITROGEN RESET (can be made use of by several scuba divers on the same day).

Some dive computers enable you to reset your memory completely in between dives. This feature permits one computer system to be used by numerous scuba divers on the very same day without representing previous dive profiles. This can be an essential feature if you’re sharing devices or buying a dive computer system to rent out to trainees or clients.


If you intend to make decompression stops while driving, you might need to utilize more than one gas blend while underwater. Adding a second gas with a higher percentage of oxygen enables your body to release its excess nitrogen more quickly. This faster “off-gassing” decreases the quantity of time needed to do a safe climb.


Dive computer systems designed for cold water integrate unique functions for straightforward use. If you intend to start right into an icy environment, make sure to pick a design with oversized switches for easy use with thick handwear covers. You’ll likewise need a lengthy wrist band to fit over a thick wetsuit or drysuit.

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