Kayaking in Island Park Idaho (Where to Go)

Kayaking is a fun activity to do with friends and family. Kayaks are easy to learn to use, affordable, and a great way to explore beautiful waters.

If you are in Island Park Idaho, we have compiled a list of places where you can go Kayaking with friends and family.

Keep reading to discover Kayaking sites and stay set for your next trip to the amazing state of Island Park Idaho.

Top Kayaking sites in Island Park Idaho

1. Henry’s Fork of the Snake River

© Teton Valley Lodge

This is the most famous spot for Kayaking in Island Park Idaho. The river here has lots of good fishing spots, beautiful water, and great places to go kayaking.

This place is very popular with campers during summer months given its close proximity to many campsites around the area. There are also many “float trips” on this section of the river, which make it ideal for families looking for a leisurely day out on the water.

If you are experienced, several sections are more challenging, perfect for skilled kayakers that are looking for adventure.

2. Lower Henrys Fork of the Snake River (Bingham, ID)

© Tucker James

If you’ve always wanted to see Idaho’s own Henry’s Fork, then the Lower Henrys Fork is an ideal place to go. This area has several different types of scenery where people can enjoy themselves whether they’re fishing, floating, or just having fun.

3. Island Park Reservoir

© U.S.Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

This is a great place to go Kayaking in Island Park Idaho. It is filled with lots of wildlife and it is perfect for fishing as well.

There are many good spots around this area to cast your line into the water and catch some trout or catfish.

However, swimming is not allowed at this location because it is an irrigation reservoir that supplies much needed water for farmers in town.

4. Sheep Creek

© Bureau of Land Management

Sheep Creek is another spot that offers kayaking in Island Park ID. It is located near the south end of town and has a gravel access road for vehicles to park next to the water. Here you can take out your Kayak or Float tube for a peaceful day on the water fishing or swimming.

5. Meridian Lake

© Jack Davis

This location has no public boat launch but there are many places along Meridian Lake where you can pull up your kayak and go ashore for a picnic lunch or dips in the lake. The kids will also enjoy exploring all of millions of artifacts left by previous visitors around this area.

6. East Fork of Shingle Creek


East Fork of Shingle Creek is the spot where you can go Kayaking in Island Park ID. The creek has many shallow areas that are great for children, and several good fishing spots as well. There are some public access points along this creek, but no concrete boat ramps or beach area to use.

7. Pond at Bair’s General Store

© Visit Island Park Idaho

This pond has a small boat launch, which is gravel; it is located beside Bair’s general store on Main Street in Island Park. Here you will find kayaks for rent if you didn’t bring your own with you to town.

8. Dugway Access Point #1

© Alan Cammack

Dugway Access Point #1 is another spot that you can take out your kayak if you are visiting the Island Park area. There is a concrete boat ramp and bathhouse facility here, but no fees or launch hours to worry about.

9. Dugway Access Point #2

© Northwest Territories Tourism

Dugway Access Point #2 also has a concrete boat access point and gravel beach areas for swimmers to enjoy. It is located on the west end of town with plenty of parking nearby. Note: Be sure to check for any postings regarding camping and restrictions before you go camping near these water locations, as there may be certain rules that must be followed.

10. Hanna Flats

© California’s Best Camping

Another good place for Kayaking in Island Park Idaho is Hanna flats which is also accessible from highway 20 near the turn off for Island Park dam/Henry’s fork dam road intersection. This section of water is ideal for novice kayakers because it contains calm waters that are easy to navigate. There are many sandy beaches scattered throughout this area that make it perfect for camping.

11. Bogus Basin

© Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

This is a popular spot for local kayakers and hikers. The water here flows through a very narrow channel and contains many small rapids that make it an ideal place to take out your boat. It is not as big as the Henry’s Fork, but has several flat areas near the shoreline where you can conveniently park your vehicle and go for a hike or throw down your tent to relax for the weekend.

12. Pleasant Valley Kayaking

© Brooks P / Tripadvisor

Another place to go kayaking in Island Park Idaho is Pleasant Valley located just west of the town on Highway 32. This pond provides a great spot to catch some trout along with several other good fishing spots that are scattered throughout its body of water. There is also a small boat ramp that makes it easy to load your Kayak into your vehicle before heading out on one of these fishing adventures.

13. Yellowstone National Park (Island Park, ID)

© Jacob W. Frank

This is a world famous place to go kayaking that many from Island Park visit annually. This location has some of the best scenery that you can hope to see, with vast amounts of wildlife and breathtaking views. There are several options for this type of vessel here, so it doesn’t matter what kind of experience level you have as there’s something perfect for every beginner.

14. Brundage Reservoir

© Margaret Noirjean

Brundage reservoir is a good spot for those who want to go kayaking in Island Park Idaho. This place provides some great fishing as well as the opportunity to take out your boat and enjoy it. It’s a little more difficult than some of the other locations mentioned, but still provides a perfect setting for all type of groups.

15. Trestle Creek

This one is located on the south end of Island Park, another location that contains rushing rapids and swift moving water through narrow canyons, which make it ideal for adventurous Kayakers. There are many camping areas around where you can park your vehicle and relax after a long day on the water.

16. Fernan Lake

 © Fernan Lake Village

This is a popular kayaking location located in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The water here is very calm and provides several areas for people to park and enjoy themselves with many sandy beaches and swimming holes. There is also beautiful surroundings here because it is surrounded by the forest, making it much different from other kayaking locations.

17. Blind Bay

© The Interior

Going up Highway 33 towards Island Park from Teton Valley there is Blind Bay, which provides good fishing as well as many opportunities to go Kayaking in Island Park Idaho if you are feeling adventurous. There are plenty of camping spots around this area that make it easy to stop and stay overnight near some of these great fishing spots that are full of trout.

18. Hagerman

© National Park Service

Hagerman is another location that has several good fishing spots as well as calm, smooth waters where you can go kayaking in Island Park Idaho. Many gravel bars along this area makes it ideal for people who enjoy camping. This place is not usually very crowded so if you are looking to get away from the crowds, this is a perfect place to go.

19. Pierce Ferry

© Doc Searls

This is a popular fishing spot with plenty of small rapids. It is located on the south end of Island Park next to Blind Bay, which provides some great Kayaking opportunities in Island Park for those who are looking to have an adventure. This area has good parking and easy access, making it one that many enjoy coming back to time after time.

20. Hobble Creek

© Jacob Barlow

This place has several shallow areas so if you are feeling adventurous why not bring your kayak out there. If you plan to bring children along, consider this location because it’s one of the more ideal ones for beginners

21. Lone Rock Beach

© Peter Krocek

This location makes it possible to pull up onto the beach and set up camp or just go swimming. There is also some good fishing off the rocks. It is typically not very crowded either so it makes for a great experience.

22. Bobtail Beach

© Jennifer Blount

This is yet another popular kayaking location in Island Park. If you are looking to do some fishing this is definitely the place to go. Plenty of trees around here provide lots of shade, making it perfect for camping as well.

23. Cottonwood Creek

Located on the north end of Island Park this is an area that has several steep drop-offs into deep water, which provides some excellent Kayaking opportunities if you’re tired of seeing the same type of scene every time.

24. Caribou County (Montpelier, ID)

Montpelier is a popular kayaking location for people of all skill levels and has several islands you can explore. With so many places to go Kayaking in Island Park Idaho.

25. Felt’s Pond

Another spot where you can Kayak in Island Park ID is Felt’s Pond, which is located near Island Park Elementary School. It has a small concrete boat ramp and gravel beach areas that are great for swimming. There is a small fee to use the boat ramp here.

26. Bacon Ridge

© Naughty Hiker

Another popular kayaking location, this one has some excellent views and there are plenty of steep drop-offs here. It also makes for a great camping spot as well as fishing destination.

27. Red Rock Springs

 © Wanderers & Warriors

This is a beautiful state park with lots of trees, which provide ample shade if you want to camp out here. There are many different areas around Island Park that provide good opportunities for Kayaking but this area has an abundance of wildlife so be prepared for anything.

29. Worthen Meadow

  © Jan’s Jaunts and Jabberings

This popular fishing spot also has several different areas where you can camp out for the night. There are steep dropoffs from about 5 feet to 30 feet, so be careful of this if you plan on doing any Kayaking or swimming here so as not to cause too much of a disturbance.

29. Big Springs (Avery, ID)

© Free Arenas

If looking for a chance to get in touch with nature while kayaking, then Big Springs provides some excellent opportunities. It is located in Caribou National Forest with several flat-water areas where people can set up their own campsites and enjoy themselves with friends and family.

30. Indian Creek (Avery, ID)

 © tdferro

Located in Caribou National Forest, Indian Creek is another great place to go kayaking. There are several flat-water areas ideal for everyone including children.

31. Sawtell Beach

This is yet another popular Kayaking location in Island Park where you can pull your kayak right on the sandy beach or gravel bars, then relax and enjoy yourself before heading out again.

32. Black Rock Reservoir


Black Rock Reservoir provides some excellent fishing opportunities as well as steep drop-offs, which make for a thrilling experience for those who are interested in doing more of an adventure style of Kayaking rather than just lazily floating down the river.

33. Bannock Point (Avery, ID)

© West Kootenay Hiking

This particular location is surrounded by steep drop-offs but there are also areas where it gets shallow enough to stand up if you want to get off your kayak and stretch your legs.

34. Beaverhead – Deerlodge National Forest (East Side of Island Park, ID)

© Deerlodge National Forest, Southwest Montana

There is a variety of lakes to choose from in Beaverhead-Deer Lodge National Forests that you can enjoy while you are there. These include Holmes Lake, Fox Lake, Buffalo Horn Lake and more.

When going out for a kayak trip always be sure to follow safety precautions such as wearing life jackets at all times during your trip. Be sure to visit the nearest visitor center before starting your trip so that they can give you maps and other helpful information about the area.

The best time to go kayaking is in early summer when rivers are usually at a high water level. It is a good idea to check in with a local ranger station before going out to make sure your selected lake or river has enough water for kayaking.


Kayaking in Island Park Idaho provides many great opportunities for you and your family to enjoy while visiting this beautiful state.

However, note that on major holidays weekend spots may fill up fast, and some locations charge daily fees. Kayaks can be rented at some locations. You may want to call before planning your trip around any special events or activities that might conflict with the schedule of certain areas.

If you do plan to check out one of these locations, leave us a comment below telling us all about your experience so we can share it with our readers. Hope this list of places helps you get started on planning your next Kayaking trip.

Kayaking in Island Park Idaho (Where to Go)

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