What Are Some Fifth Wheel Campers Under 10000 Lbs?

Imagine driving around the country in a camper that feels less of a vehicle and more like a lovely home. You will get this the minute you opt to go for the luxurious fifth-wheel camper. Not only do you get a great outdoor experience, but you can also have all the conveniences of home with you.

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Still, an issue that many people face is the overall weight of the fifth-wheel camper. It can be heavy, forcing the owner to have a heavy-duty truck to use it successfully. The good news is you can get around this issue by purchasing a fifth-wheel camper under 10000 lbs.

In this compilation, you can explore several top-notch campers that meet this criterion. The list has 11 campers that are under 10,000 lbs.

11 Fifth Wheel Campers Under 10000 lbs.

1.       Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 260 RD

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·         Brand: Grand Design

·         Overall Weight: 7534 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1269 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 56 gallons

·         Grey Water Tank Capacity: 71 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 39 gallons

Starting the list of excellent campers is the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series. A proper luxury vehicle for happy campers seeking one’s less than 10,000 lbs. Grand Design pride itself in creating the best luxury RVs hence their popularity in the country.

The RV is the ultimate luxury camper with so much attention to detail in every part of its design. You can see this in the exterior and interior. Not to mention it ticks the box in terms of weight since it’s only 7,534 lbs.

This fifth-wheel camper has a great floor plan and comes with a queen-size bed. The reflection 150 series comes with a rear entry door unique to it. You walk into an open kitchen plan set up with ample space. Preparing meals is easier since there is plenty of countertops to use.

Plus, you can covert the dinner booth inside once you’ve finished your meal. The camper uses motion-activated LED lights, has large panoramic slide windows and premium Congoleum flooring. There is an outdoor shower set up, and you can even enjoy music using the outdoor speakers.

If this camper piques your interest, you can get more information on the Grand Design Website by following this link.

2.       Winnebago Micro Minnie

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·         Brand: Winnebago

·         Overall Weight: 7700 lbs

·         Dry Weight: 5500 lbs

·         Fresh Water Capacity: 31 gal

·         Black Water Capacity: 25 gal

·         Gray Water Capacity: 25 gal

Another fifth-wheel camper brand that you can trust with your RV needs is Winnebago. The company prides itself in manufacturing RV campers that are practical and meet all your needs. Right from the start, you see the camper has an interestingly low dry weight of only 5500 lbs.

The lovely fifth-wheel camper is customizable to meet your needs. All you have to do is get in touch with Winnebago to create the best vehicle for you and your family. Another exciting aspect about the camper is the tank capacities.

You get a 31-gallon freshwater capacity, 25-gallon grey water capacity, and, lastly, a 25-gallon black water capacity. These are effective if you do not need larger tank capacities in your RV.

Step into the camper, and you get an exciting floor plan. There are bank beds that convert into a sofa, a kitchen separate from the dinette, and a luxurious sleeping area. The super lightweight fifth camper does have different floor plan options.

Find out more by getting in touch with the Winnebago manufacturer here.

3.       Allen Camper Idle-Time 8-2690 RETS

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·         Brand: Allen Camper

·         Weight: 6500 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1400 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 46 lbs

·         Gray Water Capacity: 30 gal

·         Black Water Capacity: 38 gal

The next lightweight fifth-wheel camper is from Allen Camper. It is an RV with a weight of 6500 lbs, meeting your need for a camper weighing less than 10000 lbs. Despite the camper weighing less than others, you can rest assured it has all the amenities you need.

Inside the trailer, you find the standard camper setup that you can use each day. There is a kitchen separate from the dinette where you can enjoy a ‘home-cooked’ meal with the family. Together with the dinette, a sofa converts into a sleeping area for extra people in the trailer.

The camper has a pop-up flat screen for you to enjoy some wonderful entertainment on board. Plus, there’s even an electric fireplace to keep you warm on chilly days and nights. You can choose to have a sliding wardrobe in the master bedroom depending on the floor plan you choose.

In terms of freshwater capacity, the fifth wheel camper holds 46 gallons. The bathroom area has a linen closet for your towels and a sliding door for privacy. Find out more information on this and other floor plans from the Allen Camper website.

4.       Heartland Elkridge 27RLSS

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·         Brand: Heartland

·         Camper Weight: 8617 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 57 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 40 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 80 gallons

·         Hitch Weight: 1665 lbs

A need for a larger tank capacity brings you to the Heartland Elkridge 27RLSS fifth-wheel RV camper. It is a good RV option when you want one that weighs less than 10000 lbs to hook to your van. The RV has a 57-gallon freshwater tank capacity that is bigger than other campers in its size.

The interior of this RV camper meets all your basic needs, plus there’s even extra storage for all your things. All over the floor plan is stainless hardware, which you can keep clean quite easily. Plus, the entire fifth-wheel RV camper wall is made using fiberglass.

In this fifth-wheel camper, you can use the sofa to chill out during the day. At night, an overnight guest can use it by inflating the inflatable mattress on it. Additional storage is set up underneath the master bed not to take up too much space in the camper.

Ultimately, this camper can satisfy your need for a lightweight RV. For more information on different floor plans, visit the Heartland website.

5.       Jayco Eagle HT 25.5REOK

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·         Brand: Jayco

·         Dry Weight: 7775 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1405 lbs

·         Sleeping Capacity: 4-6 campers

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 81 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 43 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 43 gallons

The Jayco Eagle HT 25.5REOK RV camper is another example of a suitable fifth wheel camper that’ light. It only had a dry weight of 7775 lbs. Its exterior and interior are standard yet inviting for any camper who wants to enjoy some road travels.

Inside the RV is a spacious living space. Up to 6 campers can spend time together in this RV with a fulfilling floor plan. The sofa hides a bed that you can adjust at night for guests to sleep. Not to mention, the camper has a kitchen area with all the amenities you need to cook fresh meals each day.

A four-person kitchen table inside the RV also works as a sleeping area. You can enjoy the entertainment area that even comes with the option of a fireplace. Jayco offers campers the option of modeling their firth wheel RV as they please.

You and your fellow campers can enjoy the three-piece bathroom setup. Moreover, you have a master bedroom with wardrobes and a dresser. Find out more about this fifth wheel camper from the manufacturer’s website here.

6.       KZ Sportsmen 231RK

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·         Brand: KZ Sportsmen

·         Dry Weight: 7000 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 840 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 45 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 82 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 50 gallons

KZ Sportsmen is a trusted brand in the industry when it comes to making reliable and top-notch RVs. The KZ Sportsmen 231RK camper is an example of fine manufacturing skills. It meets the criterion of fifth-wheel campers under 10000 lbs weighing 7000 lbs.

Looking at its floor plan, you come across a standard RV set up with all the amenities you need. The interior comes with a sitting area, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom. In the living area, kick off your shoes and spend time on the sofa watching some TV.

Afterward, you can head to the open kitchen area to prepare a meal. A dinette converts into a sleeping area too. This RV camper has a freshwater tank capacity of 45 gallons. The gray and black water tank capacities are 82 and 50 gallons, respectively.

Head over to the KZ Sportsmen website for more information about the fifth RV camper.

7.       KZ Durango 1500 245 RL

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·         Brand: KZ  Durango

·         Dry Weight: 6963 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1279 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 55 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 32 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 32 gallons

The KZ Durango 1500 254 RL is a towable fifth-wheel camper that is relatively lightweight. It comes with a dry weight of 6963 lbs. The excellent news is this smaller tonnage does not way interfere in any with the plan of the camper.

Inside, you find a spacious setup that you can enjoy alone or with other guests around. The fifth-wheel RV camper has a living space with a sofa and dinette. Both convert into comfortable beds at night for additional people to have somewhere to lay their heads.

In addition, the RV comes with a 32′ flat-screen TV for entertainment. Sit back on the couch and watch a favorite show or listen to music through the home-theatre system. The kitchen comes fully equipped with items you need for effective food preparation.

Moving on to the other parts of the camper, there is a bathroom area and a master bedroom. The master bedroom has sufficient other storage spaces to ensure there is no clutter inside the RV. Find out more about the different floor plans of this fifth wheel camper from the company’s website.

8.       Palomino Puma 253FBS



·         Brand: Palomino Puma

·         Dry Weight: 6788 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1128 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 46 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 69 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 34.50 gallons

Palomino is a manufacturer that understands RV campers. The company has been around since 1968 and continues to create better campers like the Palomino Puma 253FBS. It is a perfect RV for anyone seeking an option of a fifth-wheel camper weighing below 10000 lbs.

This camper has an exciting floor plan. The exterior and interior design meets the basic RV standards. Outside, you can cook on the micro kitchen that comes with a grill. Plus, there’s the outdoor table and chair to sit outside on a lovely day.

Next, step inside the fifth wheel camper to see the spacious open living and kitchen space. On the camper floor plan, you can see the layout includes a sofa, dinette, and small kitchen. You can turn the sofa and dinette into beds when you have extra people over.

The camper comes with a three-piece bathroom area with extra wardrobes for storage. Lastly, there is the master bedroom with a queen-size bed and closet space. Get more information about this Palomino RV camper from the company’s website here.

9.       ForestRiver Flagstaff 526RK

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·         Brand: ForestRiver

·         Dry Weight: 7909 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1245 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 54 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 80 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 40 gallons

Here is a fifth-wheel camper that you can get to suit 4 people traveling together. The ForestRiver Flagstaff 526RK has a dry weight of 7909 lbs and suits buyers who want a camper that weighs less than 10000 lbs.

This camper has the different tanks that you need to be comfortable. The fresh water tank capacity is 54 gallons, greywater is 80 gallons, and black tank is 40 gallons. You can choose the floor plan according to your needs, but this camper has a standard design you and your family/friends can enjoy.

While other RVs have the master bedroom at the back, this camper has one at the front. Inside, you can find large storage spaces to fit all the different items you want to bring with you.

Apart from the bedroom, ample living space is quite well set up for a pleasant experience. You start with a large sofa and dinette. Entertainment onboard the camper is some television. In addition, there is an open kitchen with a fridge, stove, and counter space for food preparation.

It is worth noting that you can increase the size of this fifth-wheel camper. It comes equipped with two powerful slides that make the space bigger for maximum comfort. Not to mention, you even have external storage space, so you do not have to leave anything you need behind.

Get to learn more about this fifth wheel camper by visiting the ForestRiver website on this link.

10.   Dutchmen Astoria 1500 2503REF

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·         Brand: Dutchmen Astoria

·         Dry Weight: 7700 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1418 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 189.3 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 78 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 40 gallons

The specs of the Dutchmen Astoria 1500 2503REF camper are impressive. It is a fifth-wheel camper weighing only 7700 lbs. It ticks the box when you need a lightweight camper to attach to your vehicle and not worry about it being too heavy.

When you need to level the camper, all you have to do is touch one button. That is just the start of the beautiful setup in this camper, plus it has quite a high ceiling for an RV. You can choose different designs and floor plans from Dutchmen Astoria to suit your needs.

This luxury camper has all the amenities you need. Starting in the living area, you can enjoy the entertainment set up with a TV, home theatre, and fireplace. It keeps you entertained and warm on chilly days or nights.

Additionally, the RV camper has a spacious kitchen area that can fit four people, a bathroom, and a master bedroom. Plus, the camper has lots of extra storage space to keep all the things you bring with you.

Find out all the information you need about this luxury fifth wheel camper from the company’s website.

11.   Starcraft Telluride 292RLS

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·         Brand: Starcraft

·         Dry Weight: 9575 lbs

·         Hitch Weight: 1550 lbs

·         Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 51 gallons

·         Gray Water Tank Capacity: 79 gallons

·         Black Water Tank Capacity: 29 gallons

Lastly, there is the Starcraft Telluride 292RLS fifth-wheel camper. It has a dry weight of 9575 lbs and offers all campers on board a home away from home. The manufacturer had done an excellent job creating a comfortable and appealing camper weighing less than 10000 pounds.

The interior is an inviting space with a dinette and comfortable sofa. Both become extra sleeping areas for other campers coming with you on your travels. In addition, there is a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals and storage space for your utensils.

Venture into the bathroom and bedroom to check out the queen size bed. Find out more information about this fifth-wheel camper by visiting the Starcraft website.


Fifth wheel camper RVs can be quite comfortable and luxurious. However, those that weigh beyond 10000 lbs. require a heavy-duty truck. The excess weight can prove too much for a smaller vehicle.

Fortunately, the 11-camper trailer above has a dry weight that is less than 10,000 lbs. it means you will not have to look for a heavy-duty truck each time you want to use the RV.

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