5 Best Paddleboards for Fishing

Fishing can be an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience. Being surrounded by nature and potentially catching your food is one of the most down-to-earth experiences someone can go through, and immersing yourself in the water while on a paddleboard can amplify the enjoyment to untold levels; that being said, you are going to need the right gear for the job. So, what is the best paddleboard out there?

There are five excellent paddleboards for you to choose from. Although they are not the only ones out there, it all results in quality over quantity. 

  • Sea Eagle inflatable fishing stand-up paddleboard
  • NIXY Monterey inflatable paddleboard 
  • Mousa stand-up inflatable paddleboard
  • ISLE Cruiser stand-up paddleboard
  • Flypark fishing inflatable paddleboard

This article discusses the perks of each paddleboard and why they are so good. We will discuss the benefits of using a paddleboard, and other questions you might wonder about that will be answered below. We encourage you to continue reading for all there is to know!

Benefits of Using a Paddleboard for Fishing

There are many benefits of using a paddleboard for fishing. Being able to reposition yourself gives you a massive advantage over traditional fishing. You can expand your fishing range to reach optimal spots, but boats cannot reach secluded areas. More importantly, loading a paddleboard is much easier than hauling a boat to your local fishing spot.

Paddleboards also offer another benefit: some are custom tailored towards fishing on them, regardless of whether your board has a spot to rest your fishing pole, a spot to hold your tackle, or specialized foot guards that will allow you to have a better stance while reeling in.

The boons offered by a paddleboard kitted for fishing are almost limitless, and that is purely from a tactical perspective. You can purchase boards with designs and flair that allow you to reflect some of your characters or delve even further with designs that can be deceptive to the fish beneath you.

What Is the Best Paddleboard Used for Fishing?

The best paddle board you can use for fishing will always boil down to personal preference or, more importantly, your specific needs and requirements.

For example, being affordable and within your budget will play a significant role in what qualifies one board as better than another for most people. However, for those with a “blank check,” raw utility and versatility will be more critical, with additional places for ease of access tools and things that can make your trip more enjoyable taking more priority.

A paddleboard with ample room to hold your rods or simply being wide enough to cast comfortably could also play a big part in determining the best paddleboard.

Other core parts of the board that play a big part would be the fins accompanying your board. This is because poorly designed ones can cause you to lose stability, thus making the entire experience less enjoyable (and risky for any gear you have on it should you lose your footing!)

Below we will go over five of the best paddle boards in the market, with some specializing in price and others raw functionality, but all of them will surely give you a great experience on your next fishing trip.

1. Sea Eagle Inflatable Fishing Stand-Up Paddleboard

The Sea Eagle brings a lot to the table, the first of which is that it is inflatable. This means it will be buoyant enough to stand on and incredibly easy to pack up and take out for improv fishing trips.

This model features carry handles on both the front and back, an incredibly useful non-skid footpad to prevent you from toppling over when wrangling those more challenging catches, and a paddle pocket at the front of the board. The paddle pocket is out of the way, providing optimal room for foot placement, and that same area doubles as a fish ruler!

2. NIXY Monterey Inflatable Paddle Board

Nixy hits the water vital with yet another inflatable design and some protection backing it. These Monterey will inflate quickly and deflate just as fast, with unique carbon fiber side rails to keep your board from getting damaged from accidental bumps and scrapes.

Transporting it is also a breeze, as it comes with a 3-wheeled backpack that can fit in just about anywhere while keeping the weight light enough to haul to those removed and fish-packed areas.

This board has ten action mounts for you to squeeze anything from a GoPro to capture your finest moments to a fishing rod holder so you can enjoy the scenery.

3. Mousa Stand-up Inflatable Paddle Board

The first two fishing paddleboards on this list are expensive for some people. Still, Mousa offers all the luxury of enjoying a nice paddleboard trip at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.

However, the Mousa lacks some action mounts you would expect a normal fishing paddleboard to have. For example, it trades these slots off for a sizeable diamond-grooved footpad that is great for surfing, and keeping your pets onboard with you, making this one of the most flexible fishing paddle boards on the list.

4. ISLE Cruiser Stand-Up Paddle Board

The Isle Cruiser takes its name very literally in design and practice, as it is one of the most simplistic designs available. Once again, it sacrifices many action slots of other fishing paddle boards instead of more open room for dipping your feet in the water and tossing your line out in a carefree and enjoyable manner.

The board is a soft top, but it also features a full grip deck pad, ensuring you can get the most out of every inch of the board and allowing any furry friends you have to enjoy the adventure with you.

5. Flypark Fishing Inflatable Paddle Board

The final entry on the list is the Flypark. It sets itself apart from the rest with a return to a more fishing-oriented focus with action slots for all your essential expansions and room to comfortably stretch your legs out while fishing and keep your gear secured.

The fly park also boats a board large enough to hold two adults but easy enough to set up to make for a great first-time paddleboard. The board also comes with a nice shoulder strap making transport a breeze.

What Should You Look For in a Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP)?

The ideal board for most people amounts to what you want from it. If you are by yourself and looking to do some isolated fishing, you would appreciate a board with enough action mounts to strap all your gear down and room for a cooler and fishing mounts.

On the other hand, consider having room to spare. If you want to bring someone along, you may want to find something more laid-back, like a tandem inflatable paddleboard. However, the price also dramatically affects what you get overall.

What Is the Difference Between an Inflatable and a Hardshell SUP?

Inflatable boards are often less rigid than their solid counterparts, sacrificing a solid structure to stand on for ease of access in transportation. This often makes more difference when getting to your fishing spot’s location requires more leg work than parking the car and walking a few hundred feet instead of navigating woods or other scenarios where you must haul your board for greater distances.

Are Paddleboards Good for Fishing?

Yes, paddleboards are fantastic for fishing if you want a more hands-on experience! They shine even more when getting your boat into the area isn’t an option or achieving an identical experience is challenging.

Is It Hard to Fish on a Paddleboard?

Initially, getting the hang of standing on a paddleboard to fish can prove challenging to some people. Still, for those who are experienced at surfing or used to standing on a canoe or other floating objects utilizing a paddleboard will come naturally if you are attempting to use a paddleboard for the first time. However, it is best not to pack your board with your gear and practice for a few hours to ensure you don’t flip and lose anything important.

What Is the Best Paddle Board for Fly Fishing?

Because of the amount of movement required to get into a good spot with fly fishing, you will want a paddle board with a lot of room for you to position yourself. You would want a broad board to accommodate any stance you wish to take while preparing for your cast.

Bearing that in mind, the Glide O2 Angler has been voted one of the best paddle boards for fly fishing, both in terms of its size and the different mount options available.

Final Thoughts

Getting into the world of paddleboard fishing is a unique and challenging prospect. Still, with time and dedication, it can quickly become one of the most enjoyable and customizable fishing experiences available, making it a significant change of pace for almost anyone.

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