12 Essentials for an Emergency Boat First Aid Kit

A First Aid kit should be at the top of your list of supplies to bring on a sailing excursion, whether you’re going out for a cruise around the harbor, a day trip farther away, or an extended multi-day, overnight journey. It’s critical to be prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur while you’re out on the water. A first-aid kit can be the first line of defense during an emergency on your boat if you have bandages, incident references, waterproof compartments, and warming blankets. We’ve created this list to assist you in selecting between the finest marine first-aid kits so that you can go cruising, having taken as many safety precautions as possible. See you!

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 

This First Aid Kit is a marine emergency kit that serves as a survival kit. It includes the basic supplies you’d expect from any good first aid kit, as well as various goods for different circumstances.

A first-aid kit with gloves and a mask has been discovered, as well as bandages for fingers and knuckles. It also includes large-size trauma pads, sterilization wipes, medicated pads, instant ice packs, gloves, and masks. They appear to have prioritized providing a comprehensive kit for minor ailments treatment.

This emergency kit, shown here, includes many essential items for emergencies, such as metal shears and tweezers, blankets, a sewing kit, a whistle, a glowstick, and a compass.

The backpack is a woven nylon bag that includes a tiny first-aid kit as an extra. The bag is made of a material that should endure practically anything, not a hard-case pack.

It resists water somewhat, but it won’t retain much moisture unless fully immersed, and individual packaging for contents within should aid in keeping things functional.

The first-aid guide in this kit, however, is what I appreciate. It’s an 18-page book with step-by-step instructions for various scenarios. The text is clean, and the length of the directions isn’t too lengthy, so it doesn’t look jumbled up.

DeftGet 163 Pieces 

The DeftGet 163 Pieces First Aid Kit has 18 distinct components. While the number of items in this kit is lower than that of other kits on this list, it is by no means substandard.

It includes bandages, bandaids, pads, a large triangle bandage, and adhesive tape. In addition, the kit consists of some survival items like emergency blankets, a whistle, and a saber card. There are also scissors and tweezers available that are both constructed of stainless steel.

My favorite part of the kit is its flashlight powered by a hand-cranked dynamo rather than a battery-operated one. In case of an emergency, having a flashlight may be beneficial because visibility might increase survival chances.

All of this gear comes in a semi-hard carrying case that’s smaller than the standard kit, so it’ll be easier to store in a backpack or a compartment. It’s also waterproof, so if it gets wet or rainy, there will be no problem.

M2 BASICS 300 Piece 

It has 40 different items totaling 300 pieces. This kit appears to have enough to treat a dozen individuals simply glancing at its lengthy list of contents.

This kit includes many first-aid products, including pads, gauze, bandages, tapes, and sterilization supplies. It also contains a substantial trauma pad. This bundle contains survival items like a distress signal (whistle), an emergency blanket, and a map reading tool (compass). The whistle is loud, which could come.

This small survival kit is tailored to fit in your pocket and includes everything you’ll need when the SHTF. It contains a tourniquet, wooden finger splints, and even tongue depressors, which are all useful. In this kit, you’ll find tweezers, scissors, and an instant cold compress pack.

First Aid Only All-Purpose 

Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit is a comprehensive all-purpose first-aid kit that addresses a wide range of minor injuries. Cuts, abrasions, scrapes, wounds, and even burns are all treated with this well-thought-out collection. This package contains everything you’ll need to treat a wide variety of ailments.

A deep trauma pad, a blanket, gloves, and a first-aid manual are included in the package. Aside from scissors and tweezers, they’ve added a significant trauma pad, a blanket, gloves, and a first aid guide. The standout contents of this kit include an eyecup, finger splints, and a thermometer.

The fact the kit includes many popular medicines and pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen, I believe, demonstrates the care that went into creating it. And with burn cream and gel tops it off nicely.

The stethoscope, scissors, scalpel, forceps, lancet, and needles are all stored in separate pockets of a soft fabric case, making it simpler to sift through an extensive collection of medical goods. It is not waterproof but is somewhat resistant to water. The plastic dividers also aid in keeping the things inside there dry.

SHBC Compact 

The SHBC Compact First Aid Kit is a high-quality marine safety kit that includes a full range of coverage for crises and top-notch components. It’s a little more costly, but it’s easy to see why the upgrade is worthwhile.

A complete first-aid kit with essential supplies, including waterproof bandages, alcohol-soaked q-tips, and sterile eye pads. In addition to the regular selection of applications, swabs, wipes, and the like.

Some items, including a foil blanket, a silicone tourniquet, and vinyl gloves, are included in the kit. The quality of the material is evident, with the majority of them being things that almost everyone has on hand. An extra survival kit with a saber card and whistle, as well as the anticipated scissors and tweezers, are included.

On the other hand, the EVA case is the component of this kit that I find to be the most valuable. It’s just as rugged and waterproof as you’d expect it to be. The polyurethane surface adds a lot of waterproofing to an already fantastic boating first-aid kit.

Surviveware Small 

This Surviveware First Aid Kit for Smaller Places is a beautiful first-aid kit to have on hand at all times. It’s not only an excellent choice for trekking or hiking, but it’s also a fantastic west marine first-aid kit.

The kit comes in a 600D polyester bag that is strong and long-lasting. It’s light, compact, and heavy-duty at the same time. Almost it sounds too good to be true. This pouch may also be attached to bags, backpacks, or hung from a belt for simple carrying.

Furthermore, this bag is waterproof and comprises waterproof laminate compartments. If that wasn’t enough, each room has a label on it, making it one of the most well-organized kits around. And there are several compartments for you to store various goods, so finding things in an emergency will be a breeze.

The first-aid kit’s contents, on the other hand, are relatively scarce. It meets the usual range of emergencies expected of such kits so that it might be somewhat restricted. Perhaps it should be treated as a secondary first-aid kit or a personal one that you keep on hand at all times.

Coleman Sportsman Waterproof

This first aid kit comes packed in a waterproof hard case that can float on water for extended periods. It also includes a glow-in-the-dark label, which would allow you to find it in low-light situations. While this scenario may appear bleak, the dependability of this marine first aid kit should be emphasized.

This trim kit comprises a 2×4.88×7-inch box and weighs 6.4 ounces or roughly half a pound. As a result, it should be simple to carry around. It only contains the most fundamental first aid supplies, but they might make all the difference in an emergency.

Bandages, moist towelettes, gauze pads, tape, and ointment are all available in small quantities; they’re just what you’d need to give first aid to minor injuries that might prevent you from adjusting to new environments. This tiny kit’s usefulness cannot be overstated, given how tiny everything is.

DeftGet Compact

There are various items to consider when going on one’s first marine journey. A first-aid kit, in particular, is a must-have, and the DeftGet Compact First Aid Kit – Mini Survival Tools Box comes in handy.

This kit has everything a person would need in case of an accident or disaster, from first aid supplies to survival tools. Gauze, bandages, pads, tape, and gloves are all included in this kit, including all the basic first-aid necessities. Perhaps the only thing you’ll be lacking is some everyday medicines.

This camping bundle also includes many survival tools, such as a raincoat, blanket, sewing kit, whistle, and more. I appreciate the multi-tool included in this package; it has a flashlight, pliers, knife, several other tools, a storage pouch for the multi-tool, and a small medicine case.

Be Smart Get Prepared 0HBC0082

This First Aid Kit is a first-aid kit that has been rigorously tested and verified to FDA standards in the United. It’s made by one of the top suppliers of US emergency medical kits. As a result, we may expect the pack to give comprehensive protection for minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

The PICO projectors are housed in a rugged, waterproof shell that appears to be ready to take a beating and survive.

The case is clearly labeled, and at the rear, there’s a comprehensive list of information, almost like a list of marine first-aid kit needs, including information on the medication used on first-aid items such as pads.

The case is divided using compartments for storing first-aid supplies in an orderly manner and having enough room to sift through them due to the spaciousness of the case.

Bandages and pads aside, the following are the essential first-aid supplies: antiseptic wipes, quick cold compress, and a first-aid guide.

Monoki First Aid Kit Survival Kit

This is a super-dense Monoki First Aid and Survival Kit with everything you might want to use in various situations. They appear to have planned for more than most people would anticipate, and it’s their comprehensive survival service that sticks out.

This kit has a lot of stuff in it. The diversity of survival goods supplied is remarkable, including a multi-tool, a stainless steel saber card, and a foldable knife. There’s also a flashlight, floaters, and other necessities such as a whistle and fishing line with hook and weights, all of which are included.

However, compared to its survival pack product, it seems lacking in first-aid products because it only contains the necessities. The brand includes bandages, pads, and wipes, which are all things you’d want in your boat’s first-aid kit. It is still a good bag overall, but considering the survival item’s dependability, you’ll be wanting to purchase extra.

The case is constructed of EVA and nylon, both of which are waterproof and shockproof. The belongings remain tidy within the container, but there is also some extra space for drugs. Inside the case, you’ll find a first-aid handbook. Notably, with 241 pieces in all, the whole kit, including the carrier, only weighs around 1.5 pounds, making it easy to transport.

Always Prepared Marine Kits

This ready-to-use kit by Always Prepared is a specialized yacht first aid kit that may serve as a yacht first aid kit. This kit is designed for any water activity and has first aid and survival components, making it appropriate for any aquatic sport.

The first aid kit includes the typical supplies, such as bandages, pads, tapes, and blankets. Vinyl gloves, motion sickness patches, and a veil are also included.

Its survival kit, on the other hand, is geared towards boating needs. You get a rain poncho, a wrench, electrical tape, bungee cords, a compass, a whistle, and a multi-tool. These things appear to be intended for boat emergency kits.

All of the goods are packed in a robust container that is both waterproof and watertight. It’s big enough to hold everything properly while still leaving some space for other stuff, paperwork, and the like. The case has a convenient carry handle and won’t appear to break from tumbling around or even being exposed to nature.

I GO Mini Compact 

Always Prepared’s Ready-to-Use Yacht First Aid Kit is a highly specialized yacht first aid kit that may be used as a yacht first.

The backpack first aid kit, for example, includes the usual first-aid supplies; you can treat cuts, abrasions, and other minor injuries with it, but the inclusion of a triangular bandage and a first-aid guide allows you to do much more.

The First Aid Kit for Hiking includes a whistle, scissors, tweezers, and a carabiner to attach to backpacks. The kit is antibiotic-impregnated pads and wipes, making it easier to use first aid when it counts the most.

The entire kit is packed in a waterproof EVA carrying case, making it durable and dependable. Because the pockets in the pouch are made of a mesh pocket design, you may keep all of your items in place while still having easy access to them.


You’ll need to think about how much gear you’ll need for your application, as well as what’s best for your budget, comfort level, and other factors—as with all outdoor equipment, finding the most incredible balance between performance and economy is crucial. It’s essential, though, to remember that a first-aid kit is designed to ensure safety and deal efficiently with an emergency. Make sure your first-aid kit has all of the necessary items whenever you go out on the water, so you’re not caught off guard in case of an emergency.


Consider the sorts of trips you like when picking a first-aid kit. Do you prefer to go sightseeing around a lake as a day-tripper? Do you often go down the coast of the Atlantic on weekends? Or do you enjoy cruising for a week or more in the Caribbean? Make sure that the quantity of first-aid supplies supplied matches your trip’s length. US Sailing has additional information on safety and planning in this practical guidebook for further details on security and preparation.


When purchasing your first aid kit, you should also think about the number of sailors you regularly have on board. If your boat only has room for two people, you’ll need enough supplies to treat two people in an emergency. Stock your first aid kit with enough materials for all crew members if you’re on a giant cruising ship that requires a crew.


You must be familiar with marine safety precautions before going out on the water. Before heading out for a more extended trip, you might wish to consider taking a CPR course or completing an online first-aid training program.

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