Pop Up Camper with Bathroom (Recommended List)

A pop-up camper is an excellent choice when traveling or camping in different areas. However, if you don’t like the idea of doing your business in the woods, it might be best to get one with a bathroom.

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Little else beats the great outdoors during summer when you want to camp and have lots of adventures, right. RVs cost a lot of money, and tents on the ground aren’t too comfy. It might be time to get a pop up camper with a bathroom.

Pop up campers have caught on and are now quite trendy among adventure seekers. There are even some versions that are excellent for rough terrain. However, if you don’t like showering outside or doing your business there, get one with a bathroom inside.

In this article, we get to learn all about the best pop up campers with a bathroom inside. These can be big or small campers depending on the number of people coming with you.

10 Best Pop up Camper with Bathroom

1.       Forest River Rockwood Tent HW296



·         Brand: Forest River

·         Dry Weight: 3721 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 371 lbs

·         Water Pump: 12V

·         Detachable power Cord: 30Amp

·         Bed Size: 80”

Picture this: a popup camper that you can sleep with 6 other people comfortably during your adventures. The Forest River Rockwood Tent HW296 is the answer for your family or friends. It’s pretty advantageous to get it since there’s room to add many other upgrades, including air conditioning.

The popup tent has a dry weight of 3721 lbs. However, the weight increases with time as you add more items. Plus, the hitch weight is 371 lbs. It fits the bill of a travel trailer in the form of a tent since you can have so many additions inside.

There’s room for a kitchenette with a stove, a dinette, sofa, and fridge in the living space. In addition, there’s a wet area with a shower, toilet, and sink. Next to that is the master bedroom that fits a queen-size bed. There’s also another equal-sized bed on the other side of the camper.

Expect only the best from Forest River as the pop up also has vinyl supreme tenting that’s waterproof. There are also LED ceiling lights and solar prep on the frame. Find out more information about this amazing camper by following the link to the company’s website here.

2.       2021 Jay Feather Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: Jay Feather

·         Dry Weight: 4625 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 875 lbs

·         Water Pump: 12V

·         Detachable power Cord: 30Amp

Another fine example of a pop up camper that’s quite innovative is the 2021 jay Feather model. It’s a camper that comes with a rear and front tent for maximum space. It means you have the luxury of having two bed spaces to fit a group of 6 or 7 people.

Here is a pop up camper that has a tent made using a durable, waterproof vinyl material. That way, all your things are safe from the elements as you rest for the night. In addition, the material is resistant to scratching, and the tent has zipper windows for when you want some fresh air in.

Both ends of the tent accommodate the beds once you enter inside the pop up camper. One fits a king-size bed while the other is queen size. In the middle, you have a fully-fitted kitchen. There’s also a dinette and sofa for when you want to unwind and watch the TV.

Inside the tent is a bathroom area with a shower, toilet, and sink. You don’t have to brave showering outside if you don’t want to. It’s also worth noting that the exterior of this pop up camper has a 10” awning. Find out more information about the quality camper by vising the Jay Feather website.

3.       Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: Coachmen Clipper

·         Dry Weight: 2840 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 296 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 26 gallons

Having a lightweight and easy-to-move camper tent can be quite an advantage as you move around. The Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST is the right option if you want a lighter but fully equipped camper. Imagine this is a camper that has a hitch that weighs only 296 lbs.

It’s a big pop up camper that can sustain up to 7 people comfortably. The pop up camper has a dry weight of 2840 lbs and a freshwater tank capacity of 26 gallons. This weight makes it easy to tow when you have a mid-sized SUV.

The interior fits the bill of a comfortable and all-inclusive travel camper. There’s a king-size bed on one side and queen-sized one on the other end of the camper. Plus, there are two comfy sofas in the middle that convert into soft beds.

Even with all the enmities you need, this lightweight camper is quite spacious. You get a bathroom with a shower curtain and a separate cassete toilet. Not forgetting there’s room for black and grew water storage. Get more details about this classic camper by following the Coachmen Camper link here.

4.       TrailManor 3124KD Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: TrailManor

·         Dry Weight: 3090 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 434 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 40 gallons

How about checking out the camper with the largest bathroom? That will be the TrailManor pop up camper that’s both a tent trailer and an RV in one. It’s the best option if you have a large family or many friends coming along for the trip.

The model is relatively easy to set up and tow from one location to the other. It’s one of the few campers with a dry bath with a hard side that comes with a tub, sink, and toilet. Not to mention the kitchen has a three-burner stove, refrigerator, and sink area for all your cleaning needs.

You can check out different floor plans to see which one suits your needs. All have a living room area with a dinette and sofa that converts into a comfortable bed.

This camper has a body length of 28’4” and can sleep 7 or 8 people. The interior is quite spacious, and the bedroom can fit a king-size bed. It has a dry weight of 3090 lbs, increasing as you fill up the 40-gallon freshwater tank.

Learn more about the TrailManor 3124KD on the company’s website linked here.

5.       A-Liner Family Scout Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: A-Liner

·         Dry Weight: 1405 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 130 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 11 gallons

A standard camper can be a fun way for you and your family to experience the great outdoors. Luckily, the A-liner Family Scout pop up caper meets all your needs on the road. It’s one of the best campers that come with an in-built bathroom and toilet.

The family scout is lightweight and easy to town with your truck or a standard SUV. It has a 10 feet cabin that comes in a 13 feet cabin made using quality and durable materials. You get an 11-gallon freshwater tank that adds to the dry weight, which is about 1405 lbs.

In addition, the camper has a 3-way refrigerator and 2 burner stoves where you do all your cooking. There are large hardwood cabinets to store your utensils, cutlery, and dry foodstuff. You even have a microwave to reheat your meals.

Part of the charm of this pop up camper is the large windows. These are different from others in similar-sized campers since they offer a panoramic view. There’s a small version, medium and large pop up camper with varying floor plans.

Get more information about the A-Liner Family Scout pop up camper from the company’s website.

6.       Jay Sport Pure Escape

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·         Brand: Jay Sport

·         Dry Weight: 2270 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 280 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 28 gallons

Families love spacious campers that can accommodate several people at once. Whether you go camping with your friend or family, the Jay Sport Pure Escape has ample room. Are you worried you don’t have enough experience with a pop up; this is the right camper to purchase for a novice!

The camper has excellent floor plans to meet your outdoor needs. While most campers only have one sleeping space with a queen-size bed, this pop up camper has two. There are two sides inside the pop up that hold kind and queen-sized beds, respectively.

The space in between the two bedrooms contains the living room and kitchen. Here you find a large sofa that also becomes a bed when guests need to rest. In addition, there’s a pull-out dinette and a kitchen area. The kitchen has a storage cabinet, sinks, and stove with two burners.

Overall, the pop up camper has a dry weight of 2270 lbs and a hitch weight of 280 lbs. You can fill up the freshwater tank that has a capacity of 28 gallons.

Get more information about the Jay Sport Pure Escape pop up camper from the company’s website.

7.       Opus Air Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: Opus Air

·         Dry Weight: 1577 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 100 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons

Some campers are hard to take in an area with rough terrain. But, with Opus Air, you don’t have to limit where the adventure takes you. The excellent news is this camper comes with an all-terrain chassis and tough wheels for off-roading. And yes, you get a bathroom inside with a shower and cassette toilet to use at your leisure.

The Opus Air has a dry weight of 2777 lbs. Its exterior is made using quality canvas and has windows with zippers on them. You easily set it up in less than 90 minutes and get ready for the night. It has two bed ends on either side that you open as you set up.

It’s quite amazing to experience the spacious interior when you step inside the camper for the first time. At night, you can enjoy the skylight while watching the stars. Enjoy preparing your meals in the kitchen area that comes with a small refrigerator and stove.

There’s a floor plan that includes a shower extension. Therefore take note of this as you place your order. It’s quite a luxurious and well-furnished camper for you and your family. Learn more about the floor plans and upgrades available on the Opus Air company website.

8.       2020 Somerset Utah Pop Up Camper



·         Brand: Aliner

·         Dry Weight: 3500 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 290 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons

Somerset always has something up their sleeve when it comes to pop up campers each year. The company had various floor plans like the 2020 Utah pop up camper.  It has a dry weight of 2760 lbs and can take up to 3500 lbs.

The pop up camper features in this list because it has a bathroom. You don’t have to worry about looking out as you do your business in the great outdoors. The pop up camper has an area hidden by a shower curtain with a moderate shower.

You have a small tub in the space plus a recirculating toilet. The toilet is one of the camper’s best features. It breaks down, deodorizes, and stores the waste until it’s time to unload it. It means your camper will always smell fresh as you travel.

If you have a light-duty pickup truck or a medium-sized SUV, you can tow this pop up camper. Remember to use the slide-out section to extend the interior more maximum comfort. Learn more about this quality pop up camper from the Aliner pop up camper website linked here.

9.       Taxa Mantis Pop Up Camper

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·         Brand: Taxa

·         Dry Weight: 2972 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 440 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons

Imagine a hybrid pop up camper! That’s what you get with the Taxa Mantis camper. It has a lovely design that helps you and has a wet bath with a cassette toilet inside. Four people can comfortably fit in the camper, which has a spacious interior.

The popup camper has a dry weight of 2972 lbs and has a popup roof that’s quite secure. It offers you maximum ventilation as you get off the road and rest for some time. One point to note is this is one of the easiest campers to tow. While it’s made using durable and top-quality materials, this is a lightweight pop up camper.

A look at the floor plan for this camper reveals a standard design you’d expect on a luxury pop up. Both sides of the camper pull outward to make room for the beds. In the middle, you have the living space when you don’t want to spend time outside.

The interior of the pop up comes with a fully Galley kitchen that’s quite eye-catching. There’s a 2 burner stove, a washing sink, open shelves for storage, a cooler platform, and a trash can. There’s also room to add a large table with chairs where you gather to share meals.

Learn more about this quality pop up camper from the Taxa Mantis pop up camper website linked here.

10.   Forest River Aurora 29QBS

© Forest River


·         Brand: Forest River

·         Dry Weight: 2972 lbs

·         Hitch weight: 440 lbs

·         Freshwater tank capacity: 20 gallons

Forest River has the luxury Aurora model that comes with air conditioning. It’s quite a lovely pop up camper that you can tow and has a wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink. No family member has to go outside to clean themselves if they don’t want to do so.

The camper has a dry weight of 2719 and a hitch weight of 768 lbs. You can use the 44-gallon freshwater tank to stock up for your journey. Forest River continues only to utilize the best materials to make the hard exterior of this pop up camper.

There are two sleeping quarters inside the camper. One has bunk beds and the other a queen-sized one. You can easily fit and sleep comfortably as a family as even the sofa can convert into a comfy bed. In addition, you have a kitchenette that has ample space to prepare meals.

Its kitchen has a sink and a standard faucet, a cooking stove with two burners, and a refrigerator for keeping everything fresh. There are also storage cabinets and a pull-out dinette where you can sit and eat together. All you have to do is turn on the LED interior lights when it gets dark.

Learn more about this quality pop up camper from the Forest River pop up camper website linked here.


Pop up campers are a great way to spend time in the outdoors. They are less of a hustle since all you have to do is tow the camper to your ideal location. Some have hard walls, while others are made using tent materials like vinyl.

These campers are great but what makes them even better is having a bathroom inside. Most of the pop ups on this list have a fully fitted bathroom area separated by a shower curtain. Inside, you find a shower, toilet, and sink. Luxurious ones even have a tub for you to soak after a long drive.

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