Couples Camper Under 4000 lbs.

Campers are trailers towed by trucks or ridden at the back of trucks. They consist of travel trailers, truck campers, popups, and more. Couples have many reasons to get a camper. Before getting the list of the campers under 4000 lbs., we are going to discuss what you should be looking for in them.

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This article talks about those that weigh under 4000 lbs. since they are cheap, easy to tow, known for fuel saving, and provide great comfort to couples.

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What to Look For In a Couples Camper

Storage is a major aspect when searching for a camper. You do not want to be limited with what you can bring along to make your experience exceptional. Couples will need enough food, utensils, clothing, and other requirements. Modern-day campers have maximized space through overhead cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. There are also storage areas under the bed, dinette, and by the door.

Though a camper is an open plant, the bed size will bring the home away from home experience. Most of the campers have a queen-size bed but on rare occasions, some have king-size ones. This will ensure the couples are rejuvenated after outdoors exploring or long drives. There are LED lights over the bed attached to cabinets above that can be used for reading before sleeping. Some have a bedside table and a closet for extra luxury.

Standard campers also have a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a cooktop with a kitchen hood, and a dinette that can be converted into a sleeping area. You can convert the sink into a countertop to give you enough space when preparing meals. Many campers do not have freezers.

Bathrooms are often small in campers but since you will spend a little time in them, you can compromise. Standard campers have a shower and a foot flush. The large ones might have a sink with a storage area underneath and even a medicine cabinet.

Most of the campers have three water tanks (black, grey, and fresh water). The water in the grey tank is used for cooking, showering, and washing dishes. The black tank is used to flush the toilet.

Selected Couples Campers Under 4000 Lbs.

Now that you know all a couple has to look for in a camper, let us look at a few selected couples campers under 4000lbs.

1.       Venture Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite

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Venture Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite is among the best campers in the market that is less than 4000 lbs. Its features are incredible making it a favorite for many users. It has enough space and an open sensation. Couples will not feel suffocated or crowded because of the layout and windows.

These camper sides have pass-through storage for storing the entire luggage out of sight. It also has flip-up solid steps for an easy mount of the camper. The entrance frame is well built to provide great support to the venerable when getting in to.

Moreover, the bathroom is luxuriously styled and furnished. It also has a big closet. The shower is 34 inches so you can only have either comfort or practicality.

The best parts of the Venture Sonic Lite Ultra-lite are:

·         Charging areas and USB ports

·         Sideways storage cabinets

·         Weighs 3040 lbs. and saves fuels better

·         Seven floorplans to choose from

·         Ideal for couples

2.       Jayco Hummingbird 17 MBS

© Jayco

Jayco Hummingbird camper is on the top of the list because of its impressive specifications. It is spacious and a plain space right in the middle. The interior layout is comfortable and spacious. It will give you the home experience and not be cooked up in some trailer.

The queen-size bed is 60×74 inches that can also be used as a sitting space. It also has a spacious dinette and kitchen with large countertops.

The window over the kitchen counter is sizably giving you a cool outside view and natural light. The kitchen has a two-burner cooktop, fridge, and microwave. It also comes with a TV screen so you can stream your favorite movies and shows.

The Jayco Hummingbird 17 MBS has five different floorplans and weighs 3115 pounds. This camper is best for couples.

3.       Airstream Basecamp

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The Airstream Basecamp’s gross weight is 3500 lbs. It is small and well designed. It costs $37,400. The front window is extensive making the camper look cool and exceptionally functional considering its length, which is 16 feet.

This camper has one floorplan available and the design is well laid. This floorplan is cheap in space and very practical. The outside of the Airstream Basecamp is an aluminum-bound structure with a very streamlined shape. The window is wide with a shape that increases fuel proficiency making it perfect for couples. It has a back cover display that is not normally found on campers.

The camper has both an air condition unit and a heating system that are optional. The interior décor is usually in Red Rock, Glacier Lake, and River rock options. Choose what works best for you.

Airstream Basecamp has two benches that can be converted into a bed. The back-end cover allows you to load your bike effortlessly. The kitchen has a two-burner stove, a microwave, a hardened glass cover on the sink, and a fridge too. The two tables are removable and have bench storage.

The kitchen also has a pop-up charging area with a volt outlet and two USB ports. The exterior has a solar pre-wire kit. The outdoor shower is a pass-through from the bathroom. The camper has 22 gallons of fresh water and 29 gallons combo tank for both grey and Blackwater.

4.       Happier Camper         

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It will be so unfortunate if you never checked Happier Camper. It has a more special design that is both practical and lightweight than other models within the same weight range. Adaptive modular cubes allow couples to design the interior the way they want. The retro styling and colors make the camper stand out. Its gross weight is 3500 lbs.

This camper is not like the others. It is one of a kind. It looks old-fashioned with modern features. The interior comes with Adaptive modular design.

Happier Camper will allow you to configure the interior faster. You can arrange the storage areas and countertop the way you like using the modular component cubes. Some of the cubes can be used as outdoor furniture. Some other features include a cooler icebox, a kitchenette, a sink, a serving bar, a patio table, and a toilet cube.

5.       Lance 1475

© Lance Camper

Lance 1475 is yet another lightweight camper best for couples. It has enough space for partners looking to have the best outdoor experience. Even with its small size, it has a separate toilet and shower, which is something to put in mind when looking for a small camper.

Many couples are finding it one of their favorite campers. It has added more flexibility to the floorplan with an optional sofa bed slide. Its floor, ceiling, and sidewalls are aluminum-framed. The interior walls are made from block foam insulation and Azdel.

Lance 1475 has laminated and insulated its ceiling and floor and the roof is crowned with PVC. Other features outside the camper include an aluminum wheel and radial tires, LED lighting at the steps, an exterior wash area, a skylight, a stabilizer bar, and a roof vent in the living room and bedroom areas.

The kitchen has overhead cabinets, a refrigerator, forced air 14300 BTU furnace, a back-splash, and a 3-burner oven with a cover. The bedroom has LED lights for reading and a queen-size bed.

Lance 1475 weighs 3700 lbs. It has 26 gallons of fresh water, 26 gallons of greywater, and 26 gallons of Blackwater.

6.       Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 (154 BH)

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The Jay Flight is lightweight making it easy to tow. It has plenty of rooms to offer. Couples will be very comfortable in this camper. It is also affordable. This camper has a well-laid floor plan. The shower is not separate from the toilet.

This camper has a Magnum Truss Roof System that uses screws and oversize nails, an impact-resistant wheel, and tires with galvanized steel. Jayco Jay Flight’s construction is better than other campers of the same price range. It has custom-made frames, which are stronger and durable. Its roof is strong enough to withstand 4500 lbs, which are heavier than other campers are.

The camper’s equipment is standard. It includes maple cabinets, acrylic sink, pantry, 2-burner stove, a refrigerator, faucets, 8000 BT wall-mounted air conditioner, vinyl floor, a sound system, and a microwave oven.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 154 BH weighs 3250 lbs. It has 10 gallons of fresh water, 19.9 gallons of gray water, and 19.9 gallons of Blackwater.

7.       K-Z RV Escape Mini

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K-Z RV Escape Mini is another camper that weighs 3500 lbs. It is lightweight and affordable. One of the best things about this camper is its power awning and the queen-size bed. It comes with four various floorplans.

There are other standard features of the K-Z RV Escape Mini. It has a storage space over the bed. The kitchen has a 2-burner stove, a microwave, countertops, and a refrigerator.

The bathroom has a full bath with a flush toilet, a shower, and a sink. The skylight is used for light and ventilation. There is also exterior cable, speakers, and a backup camera prep.

The Escape Mini has an optional 13500 BTU air conditioning and a wireless camera system. It also has 30 gallons of fresh water, 32 gallons of gray water, and 30 gallons of Blackwater. This is enough water for a couple’s vacation.

8.       Forest River R-Pod

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Forest River R-Pod has an impressive camper that weighs less than 4000 lbs. and is cheaper than other models. It weighs 3221 lbs., making it easy to tow and perfect for couples. The services it offers are surprisingly cheaper. The bed and the living area are stylish and comfortable. The windows are tinted for privacy.

This camper can take on a weight of up to 882 lbs., so you can pack all the important stuff you need. You also have to arrange them well to make them neat. Forest River R-Pod has a capacity of 30 gallons of fresh and Blackwater so you may not worry about continuous water provision and disposal.

There are 13 floorplans in this camper and pet-friendly.

9.       Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19CSK

© Gulf Stream Coach

When shopping for campers, ensure you start by looking at the Gulf Stream products. This particular camper is 23’2” long making it the best for couples. It is also 7’6” wide and 10’2” tall. It weighs 3,395 pounds making it easy to tow.

This camper’s cost ranges from $25,995 and it will satisfy all your needs. It has a fresh water tank with the capacity of 27 gallons, 33 gallons of gray water, 33 gallons of Blackwater, and xix gallons of water heater for hot showers. It also has a 20000 BTU furnace for warmth.

Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19CSK has an equipped kitchen (cooktop, microwave, and sink). There is also enough storage so you can bring whatever you need. The refrigerator and pantry are used to store your food.

In the bathroom, you will find a shower, sink, and toilet.

10.   Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106FBS


Winnebago is among the best manufacturers of campers and RVs under 4000 lbs. The Micro Minnie 2106FBS is one of their best products. Its length is 21’1”. This camper weighs 3705 lbs. It is made of fiberglass and has a slide-out. Couples will have enough space in here.

Micro Minnie comes with a fresh water tank with a capacity of 31 gallons, 25 gallons of Blackwater, and 25 gallons of greywater. To keep you warm during cold nights, it has an 18000 BTU furnace.

The kitchen has all you need to make a meal just like you never left home. The stove has three burners. The sink is stainless with a cover. The kitchen has an oven and a microwave to the bathroom. You can store your food in the pantry and the fridge.

11.   Forest River Independence Trail 172RB

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When looking for a camper for you and your partner to travel alone, make sure you make a stop at the Forest River manufacturers. Because of its small size, it has a capacity of three people per night making it perfect for couples. Its width is 8’6”, 9’10” tall, and 20’5” long.

The Independence Trail weighs 3,065 pounds making it easy to tow even when crossing bridges. Its price starts from $22,813, which is worth paying for.

The camper has 27 gallons of the fresh water tank, 25 gallons of the grey water tank, and 25 gallons of Blackwater tank. The bathroom is large and has a spacious shower, a sink, a toilet, and a cupboard for storing toiletries. The kitchen is beautiful with a two-burner cooktop, a sink, and a refrigerator.

12.   Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1700BH

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This Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1700BH is one of the best campers under 4000 lbs. It costs $20,733 making it the cheapest in the market. Being cheap does not mean that it offers less. It is 21’4” long and 10’4” tall to provide you with a lot of space to move around freely. It weighs 3377 lbs. This camper’s sleeping capacity is larger making it spacious enough for couples.

There are many impressive features in the Keystone Bullet Crossfire. Some of them include ultra-durable whitewater countertops. The furniture is residential-styled to make you feel at home. The interior lights are LED.

There are 30 gallons of fresh water, 30 gallons of greywater, and 30 gallons of Blackwater.

13.   Starcraft Satellite18MK

© McLaughlin RV & Marine

This trailer might seem small but has all the features needed for camping. It has a bedroom, dinette, bathroom, and a kitchen area, which are basic requirements needed in a camper. There is a toilet and a stand-up shower in the bathroom.

The kitchen is equipped with all you need to prepare the food you like a two-burner stove, sink, and microwave. There are cabinets for storage and the dinette can be used as a hangout spot.

This camper has an outdoor shower if you want to take a shower after swimming. You can also use the shower to clean the camper itself. The exterior is suitable for desperate circumstances. The outside walls are laminated and the floor is insulated to keep you warm.

When the days are warm, there is a 13500 BTU air conditioner. The camper also has an antenna mounted on the wall, a cable, satellite, and stereo for entertainment. You and your partner will fall in love with a StarCraft Satellite 18MK.


This article has a list of campers that are easy to tow, weigh under 4000 lbs., and are good for couples. Purchasing a camper is a crucial investment so it is important to do thorough research.

There are many manufacturers out there selling impressive campers but you have to sort the best from the amazing ones without limitations. Some companies have great reputations so you will not go wrong with your decision.

Couples need to familiarize themselves with all the terms as far as RVs are concerned. Make sure you know about all the abbreviations too. Make sure you understand why you need a camper that is under 4000 lbs.

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