Best Campgrounds in Utah

You’ve undoubtedly heard that somewhere between two-thirds and eight-thirds of the population in Utah prefers camping at one of the area’s best campgrounds. Which ones, though? Which sites are your “favorites” when it comes to camping?

You may have some definite favorites and some that you just can’t seem to figure out. Here are a few tips for identifying good campgrounds in Utah, especially those of interest to you as a camper:

* If you’re a first-timer to the outdoors, your best campgrounds in Utah might be located in Weber County. Located in the northeast corner of the state, Weber County is a paradise for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

In fact, its neighboring areas are so popular that they almost always feature a designated outdoor recreation area. You can find golf courses, tennis courts, lake front parks, and more within walking distance of each other. If you love to go hiking, biking, fishing, or RVing, Weber County has everything you need.

* If you love RVing, then you will want to check out Bear River RV Camping grounds in Cedar City. Established in 1963, Bear River RV Camping is one of the longest running campsites in the state. Located west of Cedar City, Bear River RV Camping is close to numerous RV parks that you can choose from, plus, you have access to miles of beautiful countryside.

It’s a great place to just relax and enjoy the hospitality of the Bear River campground staff, which is why it’s one of our favorite campsites. If you love RVing, this is one campground that you don’t want to miss.

* If you’re an outdoor adventure sports fan, you’ll find plenty of options here too. There are several campgrounds in Utah that offer the best opportunities for outdoor activities. If you love hunting, fishing, hiking, and the great outdoors, there is a campground in Utah just waiting for you.

Located west of Ogden, Utah, Fleetwood RV Park offers camping, RV hookups, and RV sales, along with meeting rooms and more. You can find out more about this popular campground on the internet.

* You can still enjoy the western theme at places like Wildflower Park and Trust Farm. Both of these campgrounds have all the makings of a great camping trip.

They feature easy access to some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, including the Wasatch Mountains and Cedar City. If you like to explore, then you’ll find some wonderful things to do in these two campgrounds.

* If you want to be closer to the capital, you’ll find Grand Canyon RV Rides. This is one of the best RV campgrounds in Utah, because it’s right off the I-40 freeway. There are plenty of sights to see here, and you can even take one of their treks around the Park, through the Canyon, or up into the Weminuche Wilderness. The only downside is that it’s not always free! But when you consider how much sightseeing you’ll get to do during your trip, the minimal fee is definitely worth it.

For those who are looking for more than just campgrounds, look no further than Westwoods. This campground is located near the bluffs and offers some magnificent views of the Wasatch Mountains. You’ll find luxury camp trailers, and great meals, all on the grounds. There are also wonderful RV hookups to the Westwoods campgrounds.

If you’re looking for the best campgrounds in Utah, you have plenty to choose from. There are dozens more just waiting to be discovered in this state. When you travel into Utah, make sure that you plan on staying at a campground. It will make all of the difference in your camping experience.

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